A Variety Of People Who Own Superyachts, Including Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals, Celebrities, And Business Executives

Superyachts have the appearance of being large, autonomous arks that can resist any flood. However, they are delicate and intricate. At the water's edge, where boats shouldn't have openings, they have troublesome apertures for toys and swimmers. Duct tape and miracles will not be able to fix them. Gigayachts must return to their builders' homes.

Even solely to power generators in port, gigayachts require gasoline and provisions. Management firms employ engineers and sailors and handle salaries and visas. According to The Superyacht Group, crew expenditures are quadruple for the largest yachts. Anyone with the experience to manage anything that size can request to be flown home for six months at a time as the manager switches in a second crew. Skippers and management originate from a select group of stable, liberal, boat-like governments that are favourable to the US and the EU, much like the gigayacht builders. If you ascend to the bridge, you might overhear a Kiwi speaking.


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