There are various applications for nanopharmaceuticals, including increasing absorption of drugs and targeting specific organs and cells.
Nanopharmaceuticals Market

Nanotechnology and nanomedicine have undergone major changes. The number of authorised nano-based pharmaceutical products has dramatically increased since 1980. These cutting-edge nano-based systems have the potential to be therapeutic agents in and of themselves or to serve as carriers for various active pharmaceuticals to enter particular body regions. The Nanopharmaceuticals that are currently on the market are nanocrystals, liposomes and lipid nanoparticles, PEGylated polymeric nanodrugs, other polymers, protein-based nanoparticles, and metal-based nanoparticles. In order to create these nanostructures, a variety of problems must be solved. Some of the topics up for discussion include ethics, market size, market failure's potential, costs, and commercial development.


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