It is possible to use Gastrointestinal Stents to treat malignant obstruction in cancer patients
Gastrointestinal Stents Market

Stents are tubular devices that are inserted into blood vessels, esophageal lumens, and colon lumens. A safe and efficient alternative to surgery or frequent endoscopic treatments is stent placement. When bile ducts, Gastrointestinal Stents, small bowel, and colon are stopped by significant malignant tissue growth, gastrointestinal stents are utilised to access these structures. Depending on the material used, stents may be implanted permanently or detachable. The purpose of stenting is to lessen digestive tract blockage in patients. In the oesophagus, colon, or biliary tract, a stent may be implanted. Stents for the oesophagus can be composed of metal or plastic mesh.



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