Global Laboratory Fume Hood Market : Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2022-2028
Laboratory Fume Hood Market

A fume hood (also known as a fume cupboard) is a type of local ventilation device used to reduce the risk of toxic fumes, vapours, or dusts being inhaled. The device also protects against chemical spills, runaway reactions, and fire by acting as a physical barrier.

The Laboratory Fume Hood Market is expected to be driven by increased safety measures implemented by government and private organisations, increased funding for infrastructure development, and the introduction of energy-efficient fume hoods. However, risks associated with fume hoods, such as explosion hazards, limit market growth.

The global fume hoods market is divided into three sections: type, application, and region. The market is divided into two types: ductless fume hoods and ducted fume hoods.


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