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Everyone loves a nicely decorated home and one of the most important aspects of this could be the choice of flooring designs. With array of new flooring designs popping up on a consistent basis, it can be both challenging and difficult to find something that fits your needs in terms of affordability, aesthetics and functionality—not to mention ease of maintenance. This is why mosaic effect vinyl flooring tends to be most popular choice— for its flexibility in style, budget and application.

Mosaic effect vinyl floors can imbue a room with a sense of sumptuous luxury. Invoking the elegance of a fashionable interior, these creative vinyl floors can elevate the style and sophistication of any space. It allows you to have the lavishness of classic mosaic styles but at a lower cost that is more practical for modern families.

Below are few tips how the use of mosaic vinyl flooring can add a splash of colour, modern edge and artistic panache to any room they are featured within:

Bathroom: Incorporate pattern into your space to make it more aesthetically engaging

One of the best ways to use mosaic vinyl flooring in any home is to have it installed in the bathroom. Your bathroom sees the high foot traffic, from daily use by your family to visits by frequent guests. Mosaic vinyl flooring is great pick as it is extremely durable, slip free, water resistance and creates a great style statement too.

The impressive mosaic pattern can also help you set the mood of the bathroom. The soothing blue mosaic style vinyl flooring helps you pamper yourself in style. Choose softer hues for a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere or play with bold colours for a perfect modern finish. You can also explore your creativity and be innovative with chequered or pebble pattern that varies from small size to large size design.

Kitchen: Add a subtle colour pop to tone down the grumpiness of a monochrome design scheme

Treat your kitchen with a twist of dramatic design with a mosaic pattern accessible in array of styles, patterns, sizes and colours to complement your interior design. It is a great choice for kitchen as it is heavy duty, durable, stain and spill resistance with an affordable price tag and easy maintenance.

You can use multicolour chequered pattern in the kitchen to create an ultimate eye-catching and classic look that never goes out of style. Use vibrant hues mosaic vinyl floor to brighten up your kitchen areas or just add beige or grey hues that reflect light for a clean and bright space. Black and White Chequered pattern are the ideal choice for transforming your kitchen with a classic retro look. You can also stick to monochrome accents for a stroke of minimalist aura.

Living Room: Add a bit of drama to your space with attention-grabbing mosaic vinyl floors

Living rooms are the centre of our homes. They are the spaces where we celebrate, rejoice and express ourselves among family and friends. Undeniably, Living rooms carry the stories of our lives that lie within its fabrics, decorations and detailing. That is why mosaic vinyl flooring has a lot to do with its glamorous appeal. It gives a “go big or go home” look fit for anyone who is an admirer of bold design interior. You can accentuate your living room with flamboyant shades that blends with impressive streaks and patterns that will not only spruce up your space but will also create a striking focal point or use light tone colour and soft mosaic pattern to create an illuminating serenity to the heart of the house.

Bedroom: Warm up your space by mixing up light and dark hues with mosaic vinyl flooring

Give your bedroom embellishments that reflect your own personality and choices. Mosaic flooring comes in ample of shades and in alternative pattern of light and dark hues perfect for those who prefer something little warmer, serene yet appealing in their bedrooms.

Mosaic vinyl floor in homogenous tone will help to make your bedroom feel much more homely and inviting. These traditional and contrasting colours make a clean, or contemporary or retro-chic statement.

Hallways: Remarkable mosaic vinyl flooring can instantly perk up the tedious areas

Indisputably, Black and white mosaic vinyl flooring is a fantastic colour combination and one of the most impactful of all styles. It is immensely versatile – you can create a dramatic space, or keep it light for a more minimalistic look. Effortlessly modish and sophisticated, black and white mosaic vinyl floor is extremely durable, stain and slip resistance and fetch retro style scheme that generates some serious room envy amongst your peers. Just combine it with classy fixtures and accessories to complete this timeless look.

With the above hints and tips in mind, there is no reason you can deny adding dazzling mosaic to your life. Addition of mosaic vinyl flooring assured of maximum style whilst also giving your home 21st Century functionality through the huge practical benefits of vinyl floors. For more quality and reasonably priced mosaic effect vinyl flooring, browse us at www.vinylflooringuk.co.uk