For Good Reason, Coconut Coir Has Become An Increasingly Popular Hydroponic Growing Medium
Coconut Coir

Coconut Coir can be maintained for future use provided the correct precautions are taken, but it becomes useless if it is not stored properly. Because coir is so good at holding moisture, if you don't store it somewhere cool and dry, it will degrade over time. To stop your coir from accumulating humidity, store it in a waterproof bag or container, and keep it out of direct sunlight. If you're using coir that has already been stored, you should replace any extra nutrients that may have been lost during storage by adding 10% to 20% more perlite than usual.

To make the Coconut Coir that you purchase suitable for use in gardens, it must first undergo curing. Either freshwater, saltwater, or a mechanical procedure can be used to carry out this curing process. The way coir is cured can have an impact on how likely it is to contain contaminants, how long it lasts, and how much it costs.

Coconut coir reflects the idea that gardening is all about protecting the environment. It is a renewable natural resource that gives your plants enough of moisture and space to spread out and grow. You'll find it helpful time and time again to keep coconut coir in all its varieties close by your potting table. Just be sure to invest in high-quality goods and keep them out of the sun, cold, and dry.


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