Five Most Important Mobile CRM Benefits for Your Business
Inside salespeople understand the importance of having a customer relationship management system that has been properly set up because they spend the majority of their time at a desk, according to an expert from Salesforce (, who advises businesses on how best to use mobile CRM technology.

Five Most Important Mobile CRM Benefits for Your Business

One of the fascinating aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) systems is how they are always evolving:

  • The effectiveness of several sales aids has increased.

  • The analytical tools are always being upgraded to have a deeper level of awareness.

  • The complexity of data management systems is gradually being reduced.

  • Inside salespeople, who spend most of their time behind a desk, recognize the need to have a customer relationship management system that has been properly established.

However, what about folks who work in outside sales and aren't confined to cubicles all day?

They are missing out on one of the most effective sales and customer-relationship tools in the history of the world. How many deals have been lost because a sales representative did not have access to essential mobile CRM information during a face-to-face contact when having that knowledge might have made or broken the deal? Assuming that even a single transaction is the answer, we have a significant problem.

We are now, thank goodness, living in the era of mobile gadgets. When a salesperson uses a mobile device, they can obtain vital information on their existing and new customers much more rapidly. All that is necessary is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that is suitable for mobile devices and an app to go along with it. If your sales employees are not already employing mobile CRM, your firm is losing out on the chances that it may have had.


Consider the Following Five Benefits of a Mobile Customer Relationship Management Solution:

An Increase in Productivity

CRMs have the potential to handle practically every aspect of an office worker's day, including the process of responding to emails and scheduling appointments. On the other hand, salesmen who work out in the field often rely on a mix of digital programs, traditional paper notes, and plain old-fashioned memory to keep their days on track. When it comes to getting things done, this is not exactly the best position to be in. If you have a mobile CRM system, your sales force can access the same tools they have in the office, regardless of where they are.

Sales Boost

In-person interactions are still an essential component of the sales process, despite the proliferation of the Internet and other digital media. With mobile customer relationship management solutions, your sales force can finish transactions from any location. Information such as product specs, prices, customer profiles, meeting minutes, and contracts are readily available for salespeople to see. Field salespeople have these tools available to them, so they can focus their efforts on making sales and networking.

Streamlined Operating Procedures

When making sales, having a mobile CRM that operates well might remove any difficulties. The desktop version's most comprehensive and adaptable capabilities are accessible in this mobile app, but the experience has been simplified to cater to the most common use cases. Many salespeople prefer the mobile CRM system over the desktop version.

Mobile customer relationship management systems (CRMs) employ the same open architecture as their desktop counterparts. This enables simple integration and customization to add new features and modules to the system. For instance, here at Office 24by7, we've developed a superior mobile app for the mobile CRM platform. Sugar Mobile Enhanced is what we're calling it, abbreviated to "Sugar Mobile e" for short. This feature-rich add-on makes the already-excellent Sugar Mobile app even better by adding support for geolocation, mobile check-ins, a feature-rich calendar, and seamless interaction with Act-On.

Improvements made to the data collection process

It is impossible for businesses in the sales sector to be successful without reliable and up-to-date data to work with. In enterprises, telephone numbers and email addresses are often updated. People you've worked with in the past could move up in the company, or they might decide to leave it completely. The needs and desires of clients are always evolving throughout time.

The salesman is responsible for ensuring that the information they provide is accurate as part of their job. The unfortunate reality is that while they're out in the field, it's simple for them to forget the more insignificant details. Salespeople may do this at any time and from any place utilizing the mobile CRM system that is available to them.

Incorporate CRM data automatically

The amount of time spent recording calls is a frequent source of grumbling among salesmen. What if the mobile CRM could build the required records without any input from the user? Whenever a salesperson calls from their smartphone to a number already in their database, a mobile customer relationship management system (mobile CRM) can generate an automatic call log in response to that action. It makes the job of sales reps easier and offers a trustworthy record of an essential component of the sales process.

Wrapping It Up

It is time to get your hands on the best mobile CRM and enjoy all the CRM features on the go. Contact Office 24by7 for more details on +91 7097171717.