There Are Several Options Available For Atrophic Vaginitis Treatment, But Topical Estrogen Therapy Is The Most Commonly Prescribed
Atrophic Vaginitis Treatment

For many women, the issue worsens and necessitates medical treatment. Local oestrogen cream, pills, or vaginal oestrogen rings are the most popular forms of Atrophic Vaginitis Treatment. When applied continuously and frequently, local oestrogen treatment is quite successful. There are new and creative methods to address this issue for individuals who believe the available treatments are ineffective or who would like to stay away from hormones and medications.

While postmenopausal women are most frequently affected, atrophic vaginitis can potentially briefly affect nursing mothers. In addition, it might pose a serious issue for women who have had pelvic radiation or chemotherapy with a history of cancer. Both have the potential to harm the ovaries. Atrophic vaginitis follows a decline in oestrogen levels and ovarian function.

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