It Is Foods That Are Prepared Or Eaten By Members Of An Ethnic Group That Are Referred To As Ethnic Foods
Ethnic Foods

Ethnic Foods are food products associated with a specific culture or ethnicity that are not generally given by Concessionaire as part of the Catering Services and Concession Services, but do not include alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, the Authority shall have the power to exclude other Foodservices from up to four events each year, as determined by the Authority. Furthermore, the Concessionaire acknowledges and agrees that the Authority has subleased a portion of East Hall to a "Starbucks" coffee franchisee, who has exclusive rights to occupy and operate a "Starbucks" coffee shop in East Hall.

Furthermore, Concessionaire acknowledges that it will be forbidden from selling Gourmet Nationally Branded Coffee within East Hall until notified in writing by the Authority. Nothing in this section prohibits or restricts Concessionaire from selling coffee at retail within East Hall, provided that such sales are incidental or supplemental to the Foodservice and are limited to non-Gourmet Nationally Branded Coffee. Nothing in this agreement restricts Concessionaire's ability to sell Gourmet Nationally Branded Coffee at West Hall or the ACCC.


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