Inulin Market Production and Consumption Trends: End-User Industries Forecast by 2028
Inulin Market

It is well known that inulin is a starch that may be found in fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Users typically utilise it in their daily routine goods like leeks, wild yams, chicory root, wheat, garlic, onion, and so forth. It has a high fibre content and very few calories. Inulin is increasingly used in the production of dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, and ice cream. The rise in consumer awareness of reduced fat and calorie consumption is one of the key factors anticipated to propel the Inulin Market growth over the forecast period.

Additionally, it is projected that rising consumer interest in inulin and fructo-oligosaccharide products will fuel the expansion of the Inulin Market. Furthermore, it is predicted that the rising prevalence of diabetes will temper the inulin market's expansion. On the other hand, the expansion of the inulin market in the timeframe period is predicted to be hampered by the increase in the cost of research and development.


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