In Addition To Being Non-Toxic, Chemically Inert And Halogen-Free, Alumina Trihydrate Also Has A Low Abrasive Rating
Alumina Trihydrate

Since more than 90% of all Alumina Trihydrate generated is transformed into Aluminium Oxide (alumina), which is needed to manufacture aluminium, Alumina Trihydrate is most frequently used to produce aluminium metal, which is what is causing the market to rise. Moreover, it is utilised as a filler in polymers like rubber goods and carpet backing as a flame retardant and smoke suppressor.

Applications of Alumina Trihydrate:

  1. Flame Retardant: ATH is widely used as a flame retardant in plastics, rubber, and textiles. It acts as a flame retardant by releasing water vapor when exposed to high temperatures, which cools down the flame and prevents further combustion.
  2. Filler: Alumina Trihydrate is an excellent filler material in plastics, rubber, and other composites. It improves the mechanical properties and enhances the flame retardancy of the final product.
  3. Paper Industry: ATH is used as a filler in paper coatings to improve the opacity and brightness of the paper. It also enhances the printing quality and reduces the ink absorption of the paper.
  4. Building Materials: ATH is used as a filler in various building materials such as concrete, roofing tiles, and gypsum board. It improves the fire resistance and strength of the materials.
  5. Pharmaceuticals: ATH is used as an antacid in various pharmaceutical products. It neutralizes the stomach acid and relieves the symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn.
  6. Water Treatment: ATH is used as a coagulant in water treatment to remove impurities and turbidity from the water. It helps in the formation of flocs, which can be easily removed by sedimentation or filtration.


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