Everything We Need To Know About The History Of Electroplating

Luigi Brugnatelli made the initial discovery of Electroplating in 1805 while utilising the electrodeposition method to electroplate gold. However, his finding went unnoticed because Napolean Bonaparte and the French Academy of Science ignored him. But John Wright succeeded in using potassium cyanide as an electrolyte for gold and silver a few decades later. He found that potassium cyanide worked well as an electrolyte.

Later in 1840, the Elkington cousins succeeded in developing a workable Electroplating technique for gold and silver using potassium cyanide as their electrolyte. They were successful in obtaining a patent for electroplating, and it was England that saw the most global adoption of this technique. Direct current power supplies and the adoption of more environmentally friendly recipes have helped the electroplating process gradually become more effective and sophisticated.


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