Damage To Or Improper Functioning Of Your Nervous System Can Lead To Neuropathic Pain
Neuropathic Pain

Injuries can cause tissue and nerve damage, as well as place too much strain on the nerves. This can happen during surgery or as a result of a major accident, such as a spinal cord damage.  Some infections, such as shingles, can cause nerve damage and Neuropathic Pain.  Neuropathy can also be caused by excessive alcohol consumption. This could be because alcohol causes dietary deficits and toxic nerve damage. Some drugs can occasionally cause Neuropathic Pain. But, in rare circumstances, there may be no obvious source of neuropathic pain.

There are numerous forms of neuropathy that affect various nerves and regions of the body. Injury to a single nerve is referred to as mononeuropathy, but damage to two or more nerves in separate regions is referred to as multiple mononeuropathy. Most of the time, there is damage to multiple nerves, which is known as polyneuropathy.

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