Why Digital education has become mandatory during covid times-digital teacher
Over 120 crore students globally are unable to attend school due to Covid-19. Due to this, there is a high surge in the demand for online learning applications.


  • A year ago, if someone told you that all the schools and workplaces would be closed for over 6 months, you most likely would have not believed them.
  • But this is the grim reality. It has been over six months since the lockdown started and 120 crore students all over the world are at home without attending school physically.
  • Due to these changes because of the pandemic, students all over the world are now looking at e-learning and online education. Even before the pandemic there was a soaring demand for e-learning for its abundant retention power in students and easy accessibility.
  • Globally, investments in the online learning sector reached over 1,40,000 crores in 2019 and these rates are estimated to reach a sky-high amount of 25,74,000 crores by 2025 due to the changes brought by COVID.
  • A renowned Edu-tech company based in Bangalore states that their demand has surged by 200%. It is true that most schools in the cities are providing online classes but their efficacy is debatable. Most teachers are not comfortable with the user inter-faces of video conferencing applications and students too are casual and unresponsive.
  • ShashiKanth, an IAS aspirant who has been attending online classes says that he barely can pay attention to the teacher during their zoom classes and prefers a digital learning platform over the zoom meetings. When as IAS aspirant is unable to focus in the online class sessions, we cannot expect children of age 8-15 years to have their best focus during online classes.
  • Digital learning platforms such as the Digital Teacher Canvas are known for its attention grabbing visuals and interactive learning to keep the students engrossed in learning. With increasing cases everyday it is indispensable to consider e-learning apps and platforms for students, teachers and parents in India.
  • One of the biggest perks of opting for our Digital Learning Canvas is that it is extremely efficient in terms of imparting knowledge and is also very cost effective.
  • Aditya Ganesh, a 7th grader at Birla open minds states that he likes to study through our digital teacher canvas over his online classes conducted by the school since he can rewind and study the topics over and again until he understands it whereas in the online classes a majority of the time is spent on activities like taking attendance and the teaching time is reduced.
  • At digital teacher, we offer unparalleled quality of content at an uncostly amount compared to our competitors in the market. Price sustainability is an important factor here since none of us know when the schools will resume back to normal.