How to choose the competitive printers in China?
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How to choose the competitive printers in China?

There are so many competitive printers in China, but how to choose the most competitive one is a science for the printed matter demander. Actually, many people are heavily focus on the price. As they thought the competitive price is the key to achieve the best quality and price ratio.  

Let me give you some examples for comparison.  

1. Advertising agencies  

General enterprise publicity product will be full agency by advertising companies, the advantage is that design, production and printing one-stop service, easy to grasp the quality, but the price is on the high side.  

2. Design&Making company  

Design&Making company is specialized in design, easy to grasp the quality, and the price is also expensive.  

3. The printing company  

The Printing company is the manufacturer, design and production capacity is  weakness with different levels, but the price will be relatively cheap.


In general, the large advertising companies are more expensive with better designed; the medium-sized advertising companies have different advantages with different price; The small-scale design&making companies generally can’t get quality assurance, but the price is affordable. In an other words, price determines quality.

However, the competitive printers in China except to consider the price factor, there are several important factors need to be considerable as below:  

1. Advanced equipment and senior professionals

The competitive printing company usually has a series of advanced production equipment and a team of senior professionals, which will improve the production capacity, and the potential to expand capacity.

2. Strictly control product quality

The competitive printing company that is very necessary to establish one set of  stable and effective quality assurance system. In order to ensure that every printing process can be strictly controlled and pass the ISO9001 standard, then will produce the high quality product and make the client satisfied.

3.Good service quality

The competitive printing company should have a sales team with good service which can guarantee the  pre-sales and after-sales service.


In a words, the competitive China printing company should meet the “Q.C.D.S” principle, which means that “quality, cost, delivery and service” are the factors to choose a competitive China printing company