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100% Organic Clothing and Organic Approved Digital Printing. VerticalIntegrated Digital printing factory with GOTS approved.

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100% Organic Clothing and Organic Approved Digital Printing. VerticalIntegrated Digital printing factory with GOTS approved. digital printing on cotton fabric

Pictures Portraying about the Safe Working Environment, Socialobligation and our Wonderful Workers, who's capable hands have done the mostawesome aspect best to complete to give the appeal and magnificence of thetextures and garments you request from us.


The Era of Digital printing started with Reactive inks in Textileindustry, The most adaptable ink for the Cotton and Cotton subordinates, forexample, Viscose, modular, Cotton poly, Which can be printed without anydifficulty here. Every one of our colors and assistant utilized here areOrganic Approved guidelines fabric digital printing

The scope of responsive tones are just about as splendid as yourtexture colored shades, Fastness is generally excellent with extraordinary

hand-feel. Anyway the interaction season of the printing is longer herebecause of different cycle included, for example,


The Latest and the most encouraging headway on the Digital printing isthe PIGMENT Inks, Universally shade have no danger to the climate. The Pigmentinks in the new years had accomplished a biggest stature as far as shadings,wealth, delicate hand feel, and phenomenal runnability in the Digital printingmachines. All Dyes and helper are Organic Certified

We have 3 High speed Pigment computerized printing machines with acreation limit of around 3000 Kilograms in a solitary day. Which is on par withthe speed of the customary turning printing. The quickest color Digitalprinting machine in India.


The Digital Printing transformation began in about year 2005, Theunrest began with an insane plan opportunity to the originator. Before long asthe years advanced, it had becomes something more like a screen printing,Nothing new should be possible here, simply print with numerous tones. Themarket began to hinder somewhat in late 2013 to 2015. All Dyes and assistantare Organic Certified


Natural Clothing has been the solitary Mantra for us Since 2007. Wehave been utilizing just Organic cotton from 2007 to work date. Our Factory issans defilement zone, All our sewing lines are Organic, non-natural has neverbeen stirred up here.

Practically 100% of our Clients utilize just Organic textures to beprinted or created as pieces of clothing with us. We have utilized severeprinciples to keep up the uprightness of the Organic items with particularfoundation.

The primary explanation behind the tremendous interest in the Digitalprinting is to keep up the trustworthiness. Every one of our items areimprinted in-house with the best accuracy and Organic standard affirmed inks.


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