How to start an online taxi business with white label taxi app?
Let’s get to know how a ready-made white label taxi app can help your on-demand taxi business!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people took more precautions and expected to undergo a safe journey. As a result, the online taxi business has started to boom. 


But have you ever waited for a taxi for so long and finally been disappointed? Yes, most people do. Nowadays, it is easy to book a cab but you need to wait for a long time. 


From the above scenario, we can clearly see that there is always a demand for online taxi businesses. It helps many people carry out their day-to-day activities and take them wherever they wish.


If you are planning to start an online taxi business, then you might probably be thinking of where to start. 


This blog helps with that!

What is a White label taxi app?

White label taxi app is an application that is built by a company and resells to entrepreneurs and business owners to start their own businesses. This helps them to have their own application with the least investment. White-label apps allow business owners to customize it according to their requirements and they can launch it to the market very easily.


Key elements to look for in a white-label taxi app


A taxi booking app should have three primary elements to function.


User App: 


It is a customer-facing app where customers can search for and book a taxi. In order to smoothen the process, the user app should have a simple sign-up process with a real-time OTP. The user app must have basic functionality like location detection, ride booking, tracking their ride, making payments, and many more.


Driver App: 


Drivers are the backbone of the taxi business. Therefore they should have a strong application that should be easy to use and navigate in real-time. A good white-label driver app must-have essential features like allowing drivers to register or sign up on your platform, receive incoming ride requests, view the passenger's exact location, get the optimized route to the drop location, cancel a request, view their overall earnings, etc


Admin Panel:


Admin is the primary person who manages the day-to-day operations of the platform in real-time using the admin panel. It should have options to monitor all drivers’ activity and performance, an overall dashboard, and reports about bookings and earnings on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. Without a good admin panel, managing a taxi business is difficult and ineffective.


Why a White label solution?


The use of time and money is very essential in every business and for starting an online taxi business, apps are mandatory. What happens if you have to invest millions of dollars to develop an application and wait for years to complete the development?


Sounds scary right?


That’s where the white-label solution comes into the game. Instead of developing an application from scratch, you can prefer a readymade script that is pre-built. When compared, the cost of developing a new app and using a white-label alternative will make a huge difference for your business.


Another reason to choose a white-label app for your taxi booking business is the experience involved. White-label app developers have many years of experience in creating white-label apps that can be easily used for different businesses. Also, they help you to resolve all your queries without depending on third parties for technical support.


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